EdgeRouter X EOL

The extremely popular EdgeRouter X is reportedly end of life (EOL)

Recently, I sent an EdgeRouter X back to Ubiquiti for a replacement unit under the two-year warranty. The company sent back a replacement unit, but instead of the expected EdgeRouter X, I received an EdgeRouter 4. At first, thinking that this was an error, I checked in with the Ubiquiti support team. They informed me that the EdgeRouter X is end-of-life.

This is a big deal because the EdgeRouter X has been a very successful product for Ubiquiti. It makes sense because the EdgeRouter X has been sold out for several weeks. It can be reasonably believed that the EdgeRouter X SFP is also at the end of its life as well since it is in the same direct product family. It makes sense, as the ER-X was released about five years ago. The fact that the hardy little ER-X has made it for five years is quite a testimony to the solid and future-first engineering done by Ubiquiti.

[UPDATE 5/2/21]

Interestingly enough, it seems as though the ER-X devices are back in stock. This will most likely be the last chance to get an ER-X device.

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